Guilty Pleasure Blog Sarajevo Wine Festival 2010

Sarajevo – Wine Festival 2010 (October 29 – 30)

by milan stojicevic (text and photo)
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Sarajevo, city of many cultures, held an international wine festival with a touch of culinary art. I have to admit: I like it a lot. Atmosphere was so relaxed. Wine festival opened the door at 18:00;  the time when some other festivals around Europe will close for the day. There were some 60 wineries from BiH, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Monte Negro and Italy at the festival; some of them already present at the BiH market. In addition to the wine exhibiting there was a Gastro Show and some other additional shows. One of the highlights of the festival was an opening of Pullus Rhine Riesling 83, which was a vintage of the last century. Mmm, exceptional. High color, almost oily, good taste. Thumbs up. For the party loving visitors there was a number of after parties organized in nearby clubs.

At this festival I was interested in complex, not always straight forward wines.

My TOP 4

  1. Roxanich Malvazija Antica 2007
  2. AG Medjugorje Carska Žilavka Barrique 2009
  3. Sturm Akord (White Blend)
  4. Kocijancic Zanut Pinot gris

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