Štajerska Spring 2012

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photos)

Where: Hotel Habakuk, Maribor, Slovenia,
When: 16th April, 2012
What: Štajerska pomlad - Dinner with wines from Štajerska, Slovenia

"Vino Štajerska" is a group of 5 winemakers: Gaube; Valdhuber; Steyer; Joannes Protner & Dveri-pax. Their mission is a joint presence in the market and promoting the brand of Štajerska Slovenia. This year event Štajerska spring took place on 12th consecutive year. At the dinner Winemakers hosted Vinag winery – which is located in the centre of Maribor and is known as one of the biggest classical wine cellars in Middle Europe.

TOP match with wine & food
  • Chardonnay 2011, dry, 12%, Gaube + Veal & asparagus

We tasted
  • Dišeči Traminec (Gewürztraminer) 2011, dry, Steyer
  • Sparkling Royal 2008, brut, Vinag
  • Sauvignon 2011, dry, 13,5%, Valdhuber
  • Riesling 2011, dry, Joannes Protner
  • Chardonnay 2011, dry, 12%, Gaube
  • Šipon (Furmint) 2011, dry, 13%, Dveri Pax

More: www.vino-gaube.si, www.joannes.si, www.steyer.si, www.dveri-pax.com,
www.valdhuber.si, www.vinag.si