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Top Slovenian Wines
December   2015 Wine Universum – Slovenian Youth Wine Festival 2015
August         2015 6th Salon Traminec 2015
August         2015 Days of Poetry and Wine Ptuj 2015

Guilty Pleasure Blog
December 2015 Belgrade Wine Salon 2015
December 2015 Label Grand Karakterre Vienna 2015
November  2015 VINOcom Zagreb 2015

Guilty Pleasure Daily Wine
December   2015 Kobal - Sparkling Yellow Muscat 2015
November   2015 Žorž - Zelen 2012
October       2015 JNK - Sv. Mihael 2011

Guilty Pleasure Photos
November      2015 Pubec 2015
August           2015 Women&Wine Slovenia 2015
June              2015 Dveri Pax - New Old Winery 2015

Guilty Pleasure Reportage
April            2014 Press Wine Trip to Northwestern Istria Croatia
March         2014 Press Wine Trip to Moldova 2014
May            2013 Press Wine Trip to Mačkov podrum and KIŠ Wineries