Zidarich at eVino Bar 2011

Vertical tasting of Vitovska & Teran

by stasa cafuta (text & photos)

Where: eVino bar, Ljubljana Slovenia
When: 3th March, 2011
What: Zidarich at eVino bar

This time we tasted at eVino bar wines from Zidarich. Winery was founded in 1988. It is located in a beautiful and unique area in the heart of the Triest Karst (Italia), immersed in the vineyards and the peculiar vegetation of Karst region. Winemaker Benjamin Zidarich give priority to autochthon varieties such as Teran & Vitovska.

p.s. Alcoholic fermentation and maceration take place in wooden open containers, no temperature control. Without additive selected yeasts. Bottling without purification and filtration.

  • Vitovska 2000
  • Vitovska 1996
  • Teran 2006

We tasted:
Vitovska 2008
Vitovska 2007
Vitovska 2006
Vitovska 2005
Vitovska 2004
Vitovska 2000
Vitovska 1996
Vitovska Collection 379
Teran 2008
Teran 2007
Teran 2006
Teran 2005

More: www.evino.si, www.zidarich.it/en, www.krok.si