Guilty Pleasure Blog Franc & Franc 2021

What: 6th FRANC & FRANC 2021 “FRANC DU MONDE” - International Cabernet Franc Forum and Tasting Event

Where: Villany, Hungary

When: 19 and 20 November 2021

Event organizers: Villany Wine Region - Siklos Wineroute Association & partners

Why: The event is intended for the professional public - winemakers, wine tasters, professionals in the field of production and sale of Hungarian Cabernet Francs. Getting to know and comparing this variety with the new and old world. Constructive tastings and giving opinions.

Why were two Slovenian winetasters invited? The organizers invited wine writers, international wine evaluators and importers in order to get to know the Villany wine region up close. Winemakers, wine cellars, site, production style, wine maturation and comparison with other Cabernet Francs from around the world.

MAIN PURPOSE OF OUR VISIT - message from the organizers FRANC DU MONDE 2021: “This year we want to do a big review to prepare for our next big project THE INTERNATIONAL CABERNET FRANC COMPETITION, The FRANC DU MONDE 2022”

For us, winetasters, these were preparations. We were international wine evaluators in the following countries. In addition to Slovenia, from: Russia, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Great Britain and Australia.

What is Villany Franc like? Big Wine. Elegant and complex.

You can find in Villany 3 classifications of Cabernet Franc. First is DHC Villanyi Classicus – like classic, on the bottle you will see “only” the grape name for example: Cabernet Franc and the vintage. Then the second classification is Villany Franc where you can find 2 categories: first is DHC Villany Premium and second is DHC Villany Super Premium.