VinDel 2011

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Hotel Habakuk, Maribor, Slovenia

When: 19th October, 2011

What: 4th VinDel 2011 - International salon of wines and delicacy products organized by SloVino

This year we can say – if you are not at VinDel, you are not in wine business in Slovenia. Is this sentence too hard? Maybe yes, maybe no. But VinDel is event, where for difference – exhibitors & visitors are highly satisfied. Why? For visitors there are so many things to do and to taste (wines were mainly from Slovenia and also great wines from Austria- Steiermark; Hungary, France, Croatia, Italy & Spain; we were also able to taste archive wines from Vinag winery – Welsh Riesling 1966!). In the other hand, organizers (SloVino) are friendly to exhibitors – the fee is very reasonable (less than 200 EUR).

This year I went for a “hunt” for fancy labels on the bottles. I found quite a few high quality wines packed in “nicy” designed labels.


    • Sauvignon 2009, dry, 13%, Vinarstvo Markuš (Malečnik, Štajerska Slovenia)

    • Malvazija 2010, dry, 12.8%, Emeran Reya (Dobrovo, Goriška Brda, Slovenia)

    • Tereza belo (white) 2008, dry, 13%, Valter Sirk (Dobrovo, Goriška Brda, Slovenia)

    • Laški rizling (Welsh Riesling) 2009, off dry, 15,5%, Hlebec (Kog – Jeruzalem, Štajerska Slovenia)

The 5th International Wine & Delicacy products Salon VinDel 2012 will take place at October 24th 2012 in Maribor, Slovenia.