Slovenian Wine Stories 2010 - Vinakras

Smell of Prestige from Slovenian Karst

by stasa cafuta (text & photo)

Where: Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom

When: 12th October, 2010

What: Slovenian wine stories by Vinska družba Slovenije, Dušan Brejc

This time we had opportunity to get to know more about vine grower called Vina Kras. Wines impressed me, because they are gentle, light, refreshing, ready for starter and they are also serious. You need more time to get to know them and wine is ready to be your truly friend. I think, If you are lover of Slovenian wines, you have to have a few bottles from Vina Kras, especially Teran “prestige”, which reminds me of horse Lipizzaner (Vina Kras & Lipica are located in the same area in the west part of Slovenia).

We tasted:

    • Vitovska grganja 2009 – has a big potential

    • Rose 2009 – one of the best rose I have ever tried – TOP

    • Teran “Prestige” – TOP

    • Ruj – wine from dried grapes 1998 - TOP