VinaKras Teranton Vintage 2011

VinaKras Teranton 2011

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photos)

Where: Komen, Slovenian Karst

When: 3rd October, 2011

What: Vintage

VinaKras winery had special vintage this year. We were invited to help with picking Refošk grapes (Teran* wine & Teranton** wine) in special vineyard location in Komen, located in Slovenian Karst. Teranton wine is produced only in good harvest (not every year).

*Teran distinguishes itself among wines thanks to its “Priznano Tradicionalno poimenovanje” (PTP, recognized Traditional Denomination) classification, which certifies its traditional origins. It is a special type of Slovenian wine produced only on the Karst plateau, and its recognizable by its intense, cherry-red colour and its fruity bouquet with hints of raspberry, blackcurrant and other forest fruits. It is lively and crisp, and at the same time full-bodied. Its abundant acidity gives it medicinal properties.

** Special technology is employed in the production of the vintage Teranton wine, using only the highest quality Teran from the best vintages.