Women&Wine Slovenia 2011

Who Is in Town? Women & Wine!!!

by milan stojicevic (text & photos)

Where: Castle Cafe Goodlife, Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: 30th August, 2011

What: Wine Tasting Organized by Goriška Brda Women

How many times do you have an opportunity to be part of the wine event organized by women? I for one was there. Women&Wine Slovenia is a new, very fresh approach to wine tastings. Women of Goriška Brda Region (Slovenia) and some from Colio (Italy) replaced their husbands, brothers in this wine tasting event with 28 wine cellars having one wine each, showing that they are supporting sometimes more than 3 pillars. Atmosphere was very enjoyable almost informal I would say. With excellent wines, some food and good DJ music we had really good time.

My TOP 3

    • Terpin; Franco Trpin: Pinot Grigio 2006; 14%

    • Brikca; Family Estate Erzetič: Merlot 2009 11%

    • Mavrič; Danilo Mavrič: Merlot Selekcija 2009 14,5%

Stasa's TOP 3

    • Dario Prinčič; Sauviognasse 2009 14%

    • Kabaj; Family Estate Kabaj Morel: Sauviognasse 2008 13%

    • Sosolič; Sosolič Wines: Virus 3 (Cuvee) 2007