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"Its fruitiness and light body are characteristics that could boost the success of the Portugieser, as easy-to-drink, fresh red wines have became more and more fashionable recently. Portugieser – a variety rarely receiving limelight – now expects a serious approach from winemakers to make the best wine it can provide. The competition and the tasting have both shown an unbelievable range of colours and features of how different winemakers envision an ideal Portugieser. Due to the German settlers originating from Swabia, the Portugieser variety is spread across Central Europe and made its home in many locations, called either Portugizer, Portugizac, Portugalka, Blauer Portugieser, Porthogese, Portugalske Modre, Modry Portugal, or even Portugais Bleu (as some dozen hectares are also found in France as well)," explains Zoltan.

Members of the jury with international competition experience arrived to Pécs from 9 different countries, as we welcomed Ivo Kozarčanin, Ivan Dropuljić (Croatia), Stasa Cafuta Trček, Milan Stojičević, Jože Rozman (Slovenia), Igor Luković (Serbia), Jochen Erler (Austria), Pawel Gasiorek (Poland), PierPaolo Lorieri (Italy), Vicente Riera (Spain), Luis Fuentes Santelices (Chile/Hungary), Susann Hanauer (Germany/Hungary), Zoltán Szabó, József Kosárka and Valér Bock (Hungary).

List of the awarded wines:

The Portugieser du Monde Champion Prize (vintage of 2013) was awarded to:

    • WEINGUT WEINFRIED Granat Portugieser 2013 (Austria).

    • The Portugieser du Monde Champion Prize (vintages of 2012 or earlier) was awarded to:

    • TERRA PARNA Modry Portugal 2010 (Slovakia).

    • The Portugieser du Monde Champion Prize (blends based on Portugieser) was awarded to:

    • TIFFÁN'S PINCÉSZET Régimódi Cuvée 2012 (Hungary).

List of the awarded wines at Portugieser du Monde 2014 (in alphabetical order)

Gold medal

7773 Borászat Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Bock Pince Portugieser Ördögárok Selection 2013 (Hungary)

Gere Tamás és Zsolt Pincészete Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Günzer Tamás Pincészete Bocor Oportone 2013 (Hungary)

Günzer Zoltán Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Hummel Pincészet Jammerthal Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Jackfall Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Jekl Pincészet Portugieser 2012 (Hungary)

Koch Borászat Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Kvassay Levente Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Linnbrunn Pincészet Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Mačkov Podrum Portugizer 2013 (Serbia)

Pečarič Portugalka 2013 (Slovenia)

Schunk Pince Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Terra Parna Modry Portugal 2009 (Slovakia)

Tiffán's Pincészet Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Vinarija Kiš Portugizer 2013 (Serbia)

Weingut Heinrich Vollmer 50 HL Portugieser 2012 (Germany)

Weingut Weinfried Granat Portugieser 2012 2013 (Austria)

Silver medal

Arnold Pince Álmok Gyöngye Cuvée 2013 (Hungary)

Attila Pince Portugieser 2008 (Hungary)

Bock Pince Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Boross Család Pincészete Remete Páros 2012 (Hungary)

Boross Család Pincészete Portugieser 2012 (Hungary)

Boross Család Pincészete Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Csányi Pincészet Teleki Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Günzer Tamás Pincészete Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Hummel Pincészet Portugieser 2012 (Hungary)

Janus Borház Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Jekl Pincészet Portugieser Szelekció 2013 (Hungary)

Jekl Pincészet Portugieser 2011 (Hungary)

Kvassay Levente Birtok Cuvée 2012 (Hungary)

KZ Metlika Portugalka 2013 (Hungary)

Lantos Borászat Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Lelovits Tamás Pincészete Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Magula Family Wine Estate Portugal Modry Nouveau 2013 (Slovakia)

Magula Family Wine Estate Portugal Modry 2011 (Hungary)

Mokos Pince Bonvivan Cuvée 2013 (Hungary)

Mokos Pince Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Paksi Vincészet Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Polgár Pince Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Polgár Pince Rubin Cuvée 2013 (Hungary)

Radó Pince Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Schieszl Borház Portugieser 2012 (Hungary)

Szende Pince Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Szent Gaál Pincészet Vinuovo 2012 (Hungary)

Terra Parna Modry Portugal 2013 (Slovakia)

Tiffán Imre Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Vinarija Kiš Portugizer 2013 (Serbia)

Vinatus Pincészet Portugieser 2012 (Hungary)

Vinatus Pincészet Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Vinska Klet Prus Portugalka 2013 (Slovenia)

Vylyan Pincészet Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

Wassmann Bormanufaktúra Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)



  • Linnbrunn Pincészet Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)

    • Tiffans Pinceszet Régimódi Cuvée 2012 (Hungary)

Portugieser Du Monde 25-26 April 2014 - Pécs, Hungary

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photo)

Portugieser du Monde - 72 samples from Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Serbia and Slovakia

I am glad I was the second time at Portugieser du Monde, the international showcase of Portugieser producers and wines. Last year when the competition and international festival was the first time, I didn’t know what to expect. Portugieser wine is unfortunately not popular. It is not fair, that reputation of this grape variety, who can give from fresh to mature wine, is in a shadow comparing to other world famous red varieties. I would like to thank to Győrffy Zoltán, who identify potential of Portugieser and his goal is that through festival and competition the Portugieser will achieve greater visibility.To the international competition 72 samples were submitted from 6 countries, from Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Serbia and Slovakia. The jury of the increasingly international event was getting to know Pécs and Villány, while we met Portugiesers of regions and producers previously not known. Three champions were named and 19 gold medals awarded. I am looking forward the next Portugieser Du Monde 2015 and wish, that more winelovers not only from Hungary but also from other countries will come in april and taste this special wine.

    • Wassmann Bormanufaktúra Portugieser 2013 (Hungary)