Down Under 2013

by masa vodusek (text & photo)

Where: Adelaide Melbourne Sydney, Australia

When: May 2013

What: My Down Under 2013 Trip

There is one thing that goes around all the continents around the world – wine is in the air!

Thereof it is of no surprise that the immediate priority for the first Europeans to live permanently in Australia was to plant grapevines and it is of no secret that the majority of grape varieties derive from traditions, established by European wine producers. Nevertheless the arriving tradition grapevines have certainly taken its very own course on the new continent as a result of the unique terroire, which brings out the most enchanting wine tastes.

“It is often said that the technical expertise of Australian winemakers distinguishes them from those with more tradition-based skills, and sometimes that the pre-occupation with technology and control suffocates the creativity. Our industry is big. But winemaking relies on understanding the tiniest details of the process of turning grape juice into wine.” (National Wine Education & Training Centre)

And the priority of turning grape juice into wine has definitely a great taste on the Australian soils. If you ever have an opportunity to taste Australian wines you will find a German type of Riesling with a fresh Australian touch of lemon and lime characteristics on the palate, tropical and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc, smooth and sweet variety of Viognier or a minty bouquet in Cabernet Sauvignon of Coonawarra wine region. I have been taken aback and amazed by a sparkling Shiraz as a drawback from the Shiraz I have come to taste up until now. Australia is definitely a surprise in the mouth.

This Australian tasting experience has taken me through the Adelaide hills, bustling streets of the city of Melbourne, which holds the renomé of the most tasty Australian city and to the busy streets of lively Sydney.


    • Teusner Sparkling Shiraz M.C., 2006, Sparkling red, 14 %, Barrosa Valley, South Australia, Australia

    • Mt. Adam Chardonnay, 2010, dry, 14 %, Eden Valley, South Australia, Australia

    • Kangarilla Road, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010, dry 14 %, McLaren Valley, South Australia, Australia

    • Alkoomi, Riezling, 2010, dry, 11,8 %, Frankland River district of the Great Southern wine region, Western Australia, Australia

    • Tyrrell’s wine, Semillion, 2006, dry, 10,5 %, Hunter Valler, New South Wales, Australia

    • Cape Jaffa Wines, La Lune, Bortritis Semillion, 2009, sweet, 11,5 %, Mount Benson, South Australia, Australia

    • Langmeil The Freedom 1843 Shiraz, 2010, dry, 15 %, Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia