Refuscus Mundi 2016

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Manzioli Palace, Izola, Slovenia

When: 5 February 2016

What: Refuscus Mundi - Festival of Refosco

Festival Refuscus Mundi (the world of Refosco), February 5 in Izola, gethered 43 winemakers from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia. Majority from Slovenian Istria and Karst, 10 Italian and unfortunately only 2 from Croatia. Exposed fresh wines of vintage 2016, Rosés, sparkling wines and matured Refoscos.

Young winemakers, who recently took over the cellars from their grand fathers, are cultivating rich, full-bodied and extract wines. Beside exhibition, guests could take part as well in three workshops. Vivid acids of the variety together with the great vintage and percise work done in the vineyard and cellar are the essential conditions to create this special wine, the most represented red wine in Slovenia. Journalist Saso Dravinec has choosen the matured refoscos by young winemakers for his workshop »Refoscos from vineyards with the view over Izola town«. To expose top 3: Renero 2009 by Rojac, Steras 2013 and Refosco 2008 by Korenika and Moskon. The biggest wine cellar in the region is aware that Refosco is their and Slovenian seaside's whealth. Oenologist Bostjan Zidar has presented a palette of various varieties at his workshop and confirmed the thesis about the potential of this wine. Oenologist at Vinakras, Sanja Planinsek, presented over ten samples of Teran of various vintages. All have proved that Karst is an excellent home of refosco vine. The one that really stays in our memory is Teran 1995 by Lisjak, grown in the vineyard planted way back in 1915!

Festival's venue was lovely Izola palace Manzioli and for the first time, the old town hall, which was due to the restoration and renovation in process, especially attractive because of its raw stone walls creating the nice atmosphere. Matej Zaro concluded on the behalf of organizers: "Whatever language to be spoken, whatever the story behind each winemaker and the place they come from, we are all driven by the passion and love for the land, the desire to condense it into the bottle and to present it to our interlocutor. This is driving us to invest lots of time and energy for such events. The festival has been developed and has achieved notable successes and according to the potential of the previous year, next vintage will be very interesting."


    • Refošk 2015, dry, 12%, Rakar, Slovenska Istra Wine District, Primorska Wine Region, Slovenia.

    • Kraški Teran 1996, dry, 11.7%, Lisjak, Kras Wine District, Primorska Wine Region, Slovenia.

    • Renero 2009, dry, 14.5%, Rojac, Slovenska Istra Wine District, Primorska Wine Region, Slovenia.

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