Guilty Pleasure Blog Trieste Mare Morje Vitovska 2014

Trieste Mare Morje Vitovska 2014, 7 June - Trieste, Italy

by masa vodusek (text) & gregor resnik (photo)

One variety and a pleiad of tastes

If the saying goes that the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, it is to say that the tastiness lies in an individual’s taste buds. An autochthonic variety of Slovenian region Kras, Vitovska not only deserves to have its own event in its very own special atmosphere, but it deserves to be tasted thoroughly through the eyes of an individual wine lover.

One variety, numerous wine makers, individual styles and fingerprints is certainly one of the most pleasurable occasion in which number one is not a loner, but a layer of multiple tastes waiting to be acknowledged. The rudimental taste of the variety Vitovska takes back those who like to explore with tastes as such, those who would want to think which food pairing suits the best for a certain method of production and which moment by the sea coast at summer could have been a perfect match.


    • Penina bela Čotar Branko & Vasja, Kras Wine District, Primorska Wine Region, Slovenia

    • Colja Vino, Vitovska Grganja 2013, Kras Wine District, Primorska Wine Region, Slovenia

    • Grgič Igor, Vitovska 2013, Carso, Italy

    • Bajta Fattoria Carsica, Kraška domačija, Vitovska 2013, Carso, Italy

    • Zidarich Benjamin, Vitovska, Carso, Italy