Guilty Pleasure Blog VinDel 2023

What: VinDel 2023  // Wine & Culinary Festival // / 14th edition

Text & Photo: Staša Bizjak, Milan Stojičević

Where: SNG Maribor, Slovenia

When: 18th October 2023

What is all about 

It is about wines. Mostly. What is great for Winelovers is that VinDel Wine Festival is held in eastern part of Slovenia - in Maribor who is home to the oldest vine in the world (it is more than 450 years old -Žametna Črnina wine grape). On the festival are 80 percent of winemakers from the eastern part of Slovenia. But those 20 percent from the other parts and foreign countries are the spice with which you can compare local wines. 

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