Spring in Medana 2012

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Medana, Goriška Brda, Slovenia

When: 14th April, 2012

What: Pomlad v Medani / Medana Spring

A traditional event, Spring in Medana, was for the first time held in Gredic. It combines hotel, restaurant and wine shop; its doors were first opened in December 2011. Thirteen wines from Ceglo, Medan and Plesivo and winemaker from Italy hang in the castle courtyard with 100 head of audience.

We tasted wines from: Klinec, Pulec, Movia, Ščurek, Simčič, Belica, Dolfo, Mavrič,

Aleksander, Brandulin, Blažič, Nando and and Italian guest Masarotti Giuliano.

All Wines that were represented are TOP.

My TOP 3

    • Sauvignon 2008, dry, 13,5%, Blažič

    • Malvazija 2010, dry, 14%, Brandulin

    • Poje – sauvignonasse 2009, dry, Aleksander

More: www.gredic.si/pomlad-v-medani