Guilty Pleasure Blog VinoCOM Zagreb 2013

Zagreb International Festival of Wine and Culinary Art (Hotel Esplanade, from 29.-30. November 2013)

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photos)

A Real Treat for Foreign Specialized Wine Journalists

Zagreb VinoCOM is an International Festival of Wine and Culinary art event. It is still after 8 years the leading wine event in Croatia. Together there were 250 exhibitors with lovely wines from this part of the World, mostly from Croatia and also 11 wineries from Slovenia. I meet on the show many foreign specialized wine journalists who were invited by the organizers. Investing in the education of journalists is undoubtedly a very good move, so no wonder why Croatia as a wine destination is becoming more and more recognizable. Also I like the place The Esplanade Hotel is a historic luxury hotel. It was built in 1925 to provide accommodation for Passengers of the famous Orient Express train, which travelled Between Paris and Istanbul! Wine and heritage spirit, perfect combination.


    • Zelenac 2012, dry, 13%, Krauthaker, Kutjevo, Croatia (full bodied and mineral)

    • Krš Bijeli Žilavka 2011, dry, 13.6%, Vinarija Škegro, Ljubuški, Bosnia and Herzegovina (must taste Herzegovina wine)

    • Traminac selected 2012, dry, 14.4%, Iločki podrum, Vinogorje Srijem, Croatia (very nice round wine)

    • Dingač 2011, off dry, 16.6%, Bura, Pelješac, Croatia (plavac mali extract)

At Zagreb Vincom 3013 Digital Journal Paul Bradbury met our own editor in chief Stasa Cafuta Trcek for comprehensive insight into Slovenian and Croatian wine market.