Guilty Pleasure Blog ProWein 2016

ProWein 2016 (From 13 to 15 March) - Düsseldorf, Germany

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photo)

ProWein was as usually, it was well organised. The biggest international wine fair is strictly professional and the Winemaker who invites own guests, holds the responsibility for them as well. Organiser is trying to keep the professional level of the festival to provide the maximum tasting experience and a platform for business networking. This year's statistics: 59 countries, 6,200 exhibitors in 9 halls and 55,000 visitors. Austria with its 320 wineries on the 5th place, Slovenia on 25th: P&F Jeruzalem Ormož, Vino Kupljen, Kristančič, Kogl, Verus, Mulec, Zajc, Ščurek, Ronk, Marjan Simčič, Erzetič, Edi Simčič, Marof, Joannes, Steyer, SiSi, Guerila, Sutor, Tilia, Vinakoper, Vinakras, Wine cellar Brda, Dveri Pax, Radgonske gorice, Ptujska klet winery. All Slovenians in one place, sign Slovenia was visible from the far distance, the place was in typical Slovenian green colour. The novelty by Slovenian Wine Society was the placxe called »Fast Track«, where the merchants could taste the selected wines and read a word or two about them. »this kind of tasting is very practical due to the time limits we have,« answered our question Belgian merchant before taking another glass. Dušan Brejc, who proposed such activity, is happy with the results and stated that the next year we could expect the special gadget, a reminder of Slovenian wines after the tasting.

Were the Winemakers happy with the fair? Some more, some others less, but »suma sumarum« positive thoughts. They are aware Prowein is number one and that the professional public from all around the world is here. Danilo Steyer told us that beside deals with importers he has had some meetings already a day earlier and in the evenings after the fair. »Winemakers have to spend time wisely.« We visited Prowein for the 11th time, 10th year in a row. The novelty of this year was the tasting of awarded wines of Mundus Vini, but the Tasting Zone which was well visited in earlier years, was missing. This year's highlights are: presentation of inovations, Champagne Lounge, ProWein Forum, where over 300 tastings took place, workshops on the Asian markets theme. Visitors were mostly looking for fresh wines of 2015 vintage with the nicely rounded body and acidity. Next ProWein is taking place in Dusseldorf next year during March 19 – 21.