Guilty Pleasure Blog VINOcom Zagreb 2022

15° Zagreb VINOcom

Text & Foto: Staša Bizjak

What: 15° Zagreb VINOcom – International Festival of Wine and Culinary Art

Where: Esplanade hotel in Zagreb, Croatia

When: 25-26 and 27-28 November 2022.

Why: International Festival of Wine and Culinary Art is dedicated mostly to Croatian wines from all wine regions. This year I have to say that guests have a chance to taste from fresh wines, to petnats, to macerated whites, also I have to put here big compliments to sparkling wines. Go and check wines from Plešivica, it is very close to Zagreb.

Who: in 4 days, more than 300 winemakers, mostly from Croatia


  • Pet-Nat 2021, Braje, Plešivica, Croatia

  • Babica 2021, Štafileo, Kaštela - Trogir, Croatia

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2018, Vina Siber, Podunavlje, Croatia

  • Dingač riserva 2015, Dingač zadruga, Pelješac, Croatia