Guilty Pleasure Blog London 2012

London International Wine Fair 2012 - LIWF (From 22 to 24 May)

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photos)

Natural Wines are (finnaly) Getting More Attention

Organizers have finally started to realize that the exhibition in such form as we knew it until now no longer attracted the world's wine enthusiasts. So they selected six points at LIWF 2012 must-see events. My TOP talk was from the Nicolas Joly “The real Deal”, where he said that the definitipon “Best of The Best” belongs to the past. And the future is in “truth full taste wine”. I find interesting thought of Isabelle Legeron MW, who said “on the label on a wine bottle should be written how the wine was produced”.

My TOP 4

    • Chateau Vartely, Merlot 2008, 13%, Moldavia

    • Litmus, Element 20, Blend of Bacchus &Chardonnay 2010, 11%, UK

    • The Williamsburg Winery, Adagio 2009 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc), 13%, Virginia, USA

    • Fanagoria, Saperavi 2011, Russia.

On the show were also Slovenian wine makers:

Ptujska klet, Vinska klet Goriška Brda, Radgonske gorice, Marof, Vinakras, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož, Marjan Simčič,

The next LIWF will be from 21 to 23 May 2013.