7th Salon Traminec 2016

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Castle Negova, Negova, Slovenia

When: 22. August, 2016

What: Salon Traminec (Festival of Traminer)

Simply Amazing Wine Event

Events in the castles are always so romantic and the atmosphere is simply amazing. Thanks to Danilo Steyer and his partners Salon Traminer was for the 7th time. This year we were able to taste more than 100 samples from mostly Slovenia then Austria and a few samples from Serbia, France, Germany, Croatia and Italy.

Traminer for all occasions

Great opportunity to taste grape variety at one place. Mostly there were vintage 2015. Traminers were quite high with alcohol, but very nice balanced between acidity and sugar. Some of them were so recognizable with bouquet of essential oil of rose. I also did like minerality in some of the samples especially from Kloch, Austria. The mission of the event is also to promote Traminer as a wine for all occasions and for all tastes. From fresh dry wine to ice wine. Guests had also opportunity to taste wine and food from 16 restaurants from different parts of Slovenia.


    • Steyer Mark cuvee extreme 2011, 14%, dry, Steyer vina, Štajerska Slovenija

    • Dišeči traminec Dvorsko vino 2015, 11%, semi sweet, Jana Marjana Sever, Štajerska Slovenija

    • Gewürztraminer TKlöcher 2015, 12.5%, sweet, Weingut Giessauf-Nell, Klöch, Austria

More: www.salon-traminec.si