Guilty Pleasure Blog RAW The Artisan Wine Fair London 2019

Isabelle Legeron MW, organiser of RAW WINE says that this wine fair is totally independent. “It celebrates wines with emotion. Wines that have a humanlike, or living, presence. They are also wines that are an authentic expression of a place. They are the polar opposite of industrialised, big-brand, manufactured, nothing-but-alcoholic-grape-juice wines, that use imagery and suggestion to sell a product”.

Winemakers stories in the bottles are full of hope for our Planet

by stasa bizjak (text and photo)

March 10th, 11th 2019, The Store, London, UK


For me this wine festival is a perfect place to be up-to-date with nature friendly production in global aspect. I believe that more wine production should be sustainable and this is the only way for the future of wine “industry”. This year at RAW London I tasted a lot of great wines with perfect nose, tastes and aftertastes. Also the winemakers stories in the bottles are full of hope for our Planet.


  • Chenin (vintage?), dry, bottled unfiltered after 9 months, Broc Cellars, California, USA

  • Sauvignon Blanc Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2017, 14%, dry, Podere Anima Mundi, Toscana, Italy

  • Marlon Batič cuvee 2017, 13.5%, dry, Batič winery, Vipava, Slovenia

RAW WINE festivals are in: London New York, Montreal, Berlin and Los Angeles.