2nd Salon Traminec 2011

Festival of Traminer

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Negova castle, Slovenia

When: 22. August 2011

What: 115 Traminer from Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Italy & France.

“Salon Traminec” is one day event, where you can taste and explore more than hundred Traminer from different countries, especially from Slovenia. Socializing with wine, poetry & music took place at the castle Negova, near Gornja Radgona (East Slovenia – Štajerska wine region). Enjoyable day where you can comfortable learn about & taste Traminer.


    • Traminer, Vaneja Dišeča penina (sparkling wine),12%, brut nature, Steyer vina, Apače - Slovenia

    • Gewurztraminer, 2010, 13% dry, Gangl Franz, Kloch, Austria

    • Traminer PT, 1990, 11%, semisweet, Radgonske gorice, Gornja Radgona, Slovenia

    • Traminer Mitja, 2009, 11%, sweet, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož. Ormož, Slovenia

p.s. Traminer is variety and wine in Slovenian area, where is linked to at least two bias – such as wine for women & wine for dessert. The challenge & goal of Salon Traminec is, to overcome these prejudices, finding a new perspective for understanding and tasting it.

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