Guilty Pleasure Blog Orange Wine Festival Izola 2014

Orange Wine Festival 2014, 25 April – Manzioli square, Izola, Slovenia

by masa vodusek (text and photo)

Orange is the New Black

It’s big, it’s trendy, it’s organic, and it’s a path leading back to the roots, right to the heart of the nature. And it has been going on already for the third time in a row. Those who know what the real taste is all about were in the Manzioli palace encompassing what has been called the fourth colour of wine. One of the biggest ongoing exhibitions of the taste is not only catching up with the trends of biodynamic production, but has become a “must taste” for those who appreciate the story behind the label. More than 150 wines, 59 fingerprints of the wine makers from Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Austria and Serbia proved that the taste of Orange is definitely desired. The curiosity to see what an extended maceration and spontaneous fermentation (fermentation with indigenous microflora from the vineyards and from the wine cellar) reflects in the glasses has been enough to bring numerous wine tasters to the vivid and romantic Manzioli square in Izola. An explosion of the taste in the glass did not leave anyone unresponsive, strong tannins were controlling the exquisite aftertaste in the mouth. This was enough to give the dot on the i to the afternoon. If fashion says that a little black dress is a must have in every ladies wardrobe. A bottle of this wine is a must have in every wine connoisseur’s cellar.


    • Malvazija, 2004, dry, Čotar, Kras, Slovenia

    • Boltetov vrh, 2012, Marof, Prekmurje, Slovenia

    • Sauvignon blanc urban 2007, Tauss, Südsteiermark, Austria

    • Vej Bianco Antico, 2007, Podere Pradarolo, Italy

    • Amphoreus Malvasia, 2011, Parascos, Collio, Italy,