Guilty Pleasure Blog Salon Sauvignon Ptuj 2023

What: 9th Salon Sauvignon Ptuj 2023

Text & Photo: Staša Bizjak

Where: Dominican Monastery, Ptuj, Slovenia

When: 22 April 2023

What was going on: Salon Sauvignon is an art and wine festival that associates wine producers, caterers, wine lovers, art lovers and culinary lovers. // Salon Sauvignon has a week before the event  Festival Evaluation with an international Wine Jury. There were evaluated 94 samples // 

Who from the winemakers at the festival: 71 of them, mostly from Slovenia, then from Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia and California.

My TOP 6

(PS - this time it was so difficult to point out the best sauvignons; there were so good ones // like a rainbow) 

 Master Class 2023

At this years Master Class there were top 10 sauvignons from Festival evaluation. Who? Vina Krampač - Sauvignon 2022; Vina Bračko - Sauvignon 2022; Tilia Estate Winery - Sauvignon 2022; Vino Hlade - Sauvignon 2022; Meranovo - Sauvignon 2021, off dry; Muster Gamlitz - Sauvignon Grubthal 2019; Vinska klet Metlika - Sauvignon 2021; Klet Brda - Sauvignon 2019; Ptujska klet - Sauvignon 1990, sweet, archive; Dveri-Pax - Sauvignon “V” 2011.

The foreign holders of this year's Master Class Salon Sauvignon Ptuj 2023 were Darrel JOSEPH // Decanter and dr. Paul J. WHITE, Concours Mondial du Sauvignon and Concours Mondial du Bruxelles, world-renowned wine columnist and international wine judge. They were joined by dr. Klemen LISJAK, international connoisseur and researcher of the sauvignon variety from the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, and Dušan BREJC, wine publicist.



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