Slovenian Wine Guide 2011

Recomended: Slovenian Wine Guide 2011

by stasa cafuta (text & photo)

Where: Ljubljana

When: 21. October, 2010

What: presentation of Slovenian Wine Guide 2011 by Robert Gorjak

Wine Guide: Slovenia 2011 is the only complete wine guide of Slovenian wines. Written anew every year, it lists 550 of the TOP Slovenian wines and more than 100 most important Slovenian wine makers on more than 250 pages. All wines have tasting notes, are fully described and rated. It’s pocket size makes it a perfect companion in your wine explorations. In addition to basic descriptions of wines it includes numerous tables of best wines, best buys recommendations and others.

Guide is written by Robert Gorjak, the only Slovenian candidate for Master of Wine and contributor to Decanter magazine, Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Guide, The Oxford Companion to Wine, The world Atlas of Wine and Jens Priewe’s Handbuch Wein.

The Guide for 2011 is available from November 2010 and can be ordered at: They ship worldwide.