Guilty Pleasure Blog Belgrade Wine Salon 2015



  • Brut Cuvee 60 VSQ 2010, 12.5%, (100% Chardonnay) Casa Caterina, Italy

  • Prokupac Boje Lila 2009, 12.5%, Vino Budimir, Serbia

  • Fruškać cuvee 2015 (2L), 12.6%, Fruškogorski vinogradi, Serbia

12. Belgrade Wine Salon 2015 (Hotel Hyatt Regency, Belgrade, Serbia, 11-12 December 2015)

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photo)

Belgrade wine salon, already 12th in a row in Hyatt hotel. About 70 winemakers, 500 wines samples, 100 varieties, mainly from Serbia, but also from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Italy and France. From Slovenia: Ducal, Marjan Simčič, Zanut, Guerila, Radgonske gorice, Ščurek, Goriška Brda, Vinarstvo Erzetič, Polič Estate and Franco Terpin, Slovenian in Italy. Aleksij Erzetic, exporter to Serbia, presented us Sentia sparkling wine. »Only three serbian winemakers produce sparkling wine (Kovačević, Aleksandrović and recently Temet, AN) and I believe this is the niche market.« Marjan Simčič, as every year by now, hosted the workshop and presented Opoka line and verticals of Rebula. Ducal and Polič estate have got a lot of attention from professional public and journalists, especially for the Polič's macerated Malvasia. »Generally those wines are not well recognized here, but it is true that winelovers always seek something new, in this case new-old,« commented the visitor and attached that this Amber colour in magnum bottle attracted him to approach the winemaker Valter Bembič. We high light the great organisation and accompanied programme with well themed workshops.