Wine Universum - Slovenian Youth Wine Festival 2015

Wine Universum, hosted in GH Union in Ljubljana on 16th of December, is dedicated to raising the culture of enjoying the wine among the younger population. About 40 young Winemakers from 8 wine districts of Slovenia offered over 100 excellent wines to 700 students, visitors of the festival. »A group of young winemakers and winelovers detected the need of urban wine festival among slovenian youth,« told us Špela Štokelj, programme manager and added the idea have been maturing for some time already and 3 months ago started to be realized. »We understand the desires and expectations of our peers.« Paralelly Chefs Tomaž Bratovž (JB) and Črt Butul (Butul homesead) delivered the workshops on the topic of wine culinary experience. Aleš Rodica, project manager, who was born into a winemaking family in Slovenian Istria, has told us the festival is not the closure of this project, through out the year youth will be offered various wine experiences with the aim to raise the avareness and knowledge about the slovenian wine, as well as to encourage the sales of this precious droplet. »the goal is to educate youth, future consumers to recognize the real value in the wine.«


    • Zelen 2012, Žorž 1696, Vipavska dolinaWine District, Wine Region Primorska, Slovenia

    • Cuvee Albus 2015, Kušter, Štajerska Slovenija Wine District, Podravje Wine Region, Slovenia

    • Sentio sparkling, Erzetič, Goriška Brda Wine District, Wine Region Primorska, Slovenia


by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Hotel Union, Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: 16 December 2015

What: Wine Universum - Slovenian Youth Wine Festival 2015