Guilty Pleasure Blog ProWein 2024

What: 30th ProWein 2024

Text & Photo: Staša Bizjak, Milan Stojičević, Video: Tina Mentol

Where: Dusseldorf, Germany

When:  March  10-12, 2024

Last time we visited ProWein was in 2019. I attend ProWein since 2006 every single year. 4 years of skipping it was too long. We could say it is still no. 1 World International Wine Fair. In 1 big place you have all wine world to explore. This year’s topic? We wanted to see where old and new world goes. So we tasted British sparkling’s. Nyetimber still going strong! Then Greece  with their “modern” Retsina (Vriniotis winery). Romanian stand was an eye catcher with the wooden stand all over. Then Wine of Moldova launched worlds first serious Artificial Intelligence wine. Another new wine “in town” was from Texas. From matured red to fresh whites such as Sauvignon Blanc 2023 from William Chris Vineyards “Skeleton key”. South Africa and New Zealand wines always justifying success. I recommend you to try wines from Allee Bleue (SA) and Babich Wines (NZ). 

There were also huge ZERO ALCOHOL wines area. For me the wines are too sweet, the sugar is added, lot of preservatives are added, on the label is written “best before”. I would rather drink water that this. But if you ask me to choose one sample of zero, I would say this one: Sauvignon Blanc, Mcguigan wines, Australia.

This year another big celebration was on. ProWein celebrates 30 years of anniversary. A major turning point in life of nr. 1 wine fair globally. I have no idea how organizers are planning to stay in this step but I know that they will have to-do something.  There were a lot of rumours, then strike of Deutsche Bahn and Lufthansa was on the last day of the fair. Let’s see what new world wine order brings it on. We are planning to come back in 2025. 

My top 8

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