Pink Day - Zagreb (HR) / Maribor (SLO) 2016

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Zagreb, Croatia / Maribor, Slovenia

When: 3 March 2016 / 7 April 2016

What: Pink Day 2016 / Festival of Rose Wines

4th Festival of Rosé Wines was blooming on March 19 in Mimara Museum Zagreb. The visitor could feel the touch of a Lady hand on every centimeter of the hall, filled with lovely pink flowers which made the venue even more gracious. Roses, Tulips and Orchids among the Rosés look very lovely and girly. But bevare – the variety of Rosés was incredible. Gentle, fresh, robust and rough characters tell us Rosés are rather unique category with own complexity and identity, different from the grape variety and teroir. At the Festival with the Charity note we could meet 70 Winemakers and 1500 guests. From Slovenia we found Bjana, Doppler, Dornberg, M-enostavno dobra vina, Erzetič, Sanctum, Ščurek, Šuklje, Zlati Grič. Jože Rozman delivered the workshop To Pink or not to Pink.

»Because us - Ladies are significant part of the Wine world, we decided to bring Pink Day to Slovenia as well,« told us Alenka Košir Gažovič, co-organiser and member of Vinofeel, association of wine tourism. On the 7th of April Pink Day opened the door of Narodni dom Maribor for the first time and presented Rosés of Batič, Bjana, Doppler, Dornberg, Erzetič, Gaube, Horvat vinogradi, Kobal Wines, Lepa Vida, M – enostavno dobra vina, Montis, Movia, P & F Jeruzalem Ormož, Ptujska klet, Radgonske gorice, Sanabor, Sanctum, Ščurek, Vila Platana, Vinakoper, Vinarstvo Rebula in Zlati grič, mainly with one sample. From Croatia four Wineries (Damjanić, Kairos, Tomaz in Zigante) and Antinori-Scalabrone from Italy. Less visitors than expected, probably due to the entrance fee of 20 EUR (including one meal). Visitors believe more proper for the location would be 10 or 15 EUR. »We are very satisfied with the cross-border cooperation with WOW Croatia. We wish winelovers not only to enjoy wine, but to taste it, to learn. It was wonderful to compare wines from both, Croatia and Slovenia and exchange opinions. This is the reason why we wish to keep the festival boutique-sized and work only on raising the quality,« finished Andrejka.