5th Festvina 2013

Koželj - Hiša dobrih vin (House od good wines) organized the fifth festival of wine Festvina. Among the invited guests were restaurant owners, wineries, wine bars, sommeliers and other wine lovers.

Why the event is so cool? because it is a traditional gathering where guests can feel the smell and taste over 300 different types of wine. Among the exhibitors were 39 Slovenian wineries and 16 foreign. On the domestic side, the most numerically represented Primorska wine region with more than two-third of the total), followed Podravje wine region (8) and Posavje wine region (3). Among the foreigners, the majority of wines from Italy (6) and France (4), one representative from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and Chile.

Atmosphere: Very relaxed and professional. The guests had good conditions for tasting.


    • Rebula 2012, dry, 13.5%, Silveri, Goriška Brda wine district, Primorska wine region, Slovenia (fresh and mineral)

    • Castra brut natur 2011, 11.5%, Guerila, Vipavska dolina wine district, Primorska wine region (full and refreshing)

    • Ranina 2012, dry, 12.5%, Steyer, Štajerska Slovenia Wine District, Wine Region Podravje (must taste indigenous Slovenian grape variety)

More: www.kozelj.si

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia

When: 9 September 2013

What: 5th Festvina