Guilty Pleasure Reportage

Sauvignon Blanc South Africa Technical Seminar

Clear shy flower scent I noticed when entered Cape Town. Gosh, I love this! And the next thing that was in my mind was – how South African Sauvignon Blanc will smell ..more

Press Wine Trip to Northwestern Istria Croatia / April 2014

Press Wine Trip to Northwestern Istria Croatia

It was more touristic PRESS trip than wine trip. However, we learned in a fraction of the wine culture in this ..more

Press Wine Trip to Moldova / March 2014

Mysterious Moldova

Small country with great people and "wild" wines, located between Romania in the North and West and Ukraine ...more

Press Wine Trip to Mačkov podrum and KIŠ Wineries Serbia / May 2013

Serbia? But Where to Start? Fruška Gora and Sremski Karlovci is the Answer

I felt it is a time to explore wine from the region. Serbia but where to start? There are many great wineries with nice wines. I met Sava Jojić in Pécs ...more

Press Wine Trip to Korčula and Pelješac Croatia - hosted by G.E.T. REPORT / April 2013

Confirmation that the Lifelong Education of Journalists Much Needed

A small group of journalists, bloggers and photo-journalists from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia were invited to ...more

Macedonia on the Threshold of a New Wine Era / July 2006

Longing for the South

The golden age of wine production in Macedonia was back in the nineteen eighties, when this former Yugoslav republic accounted for 2/3 of the wine produced over the entire territory of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. To this day, the vast majority ...more

Press Wine Trip to South Africa / November 2019