8th Wine festival – SALON JERUZALEM 2010

Wine paradise in Slovenian Jeruzalem

by stasa cafuta (text & photo)

Where: Dvorec Jeruzalem, Slovenia

When: 12. June 2010

What: 17 wineries from “Prlekija”

Jeruzalem hills on the east part of Slovenia (wine region Podravje) are one of the most beautiful yet undiscovered landscapes. Breathtaking wine terraces are spread all the way on the wine road called Jeruzalem. This time were held the 8th so called “Salon Jeruzalem”, where 17 winemakers presented their wines, different vintages. It was also held workshop about the most famous wine Šipon – Furmint from vintage 2009 and up to archive vintage 1996. Šipon variety shoved again a big potential.

It was not easy to make a selection, because I did find at least 20 wines which are TOP.

But if I have to …

Here are my TOP 5 wines:

    1. Šipon (Furmint) 1996, Vinska klet Miro (“fiery taste”, herbs as peppermint & sage)

    2. Modra frankinja (Blaufränkisch) 2007, DVERI - PAX (well-balanced, fruity with cherry)

    3. Renski rizling (Riesling) 2008, Emil Trop (very traditional, special tone)

    4. Sauvignon 2009, HERGA (easy going fresh taste of elder tree)

    5. Sivi pinot (Pinot gris) 2009, VERUS VINOGRADI (full of minerality, great after taste)

Winemakers at Salon Jeruzalem 2010– worth to taste:

Hlebec (www.hlebec-kog.net), Vinska klet Miro (www.slovino.com/mirovino), Puklavec, Vinogradništvo Krampač, P&F Ljutomerčan (www.ljutomercan.si), Dveri – Pax (www.dveri-pax.com), Saško Štampar, Lesjak Rado Julijan, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož (www.jeruzalem-ormoz.si), Vino Kolarič, Verus Vinogradi (www.verusvino.com), Vinogradništvo družina Kos (www.kovinogalvana.si),Trop Emil, Herga (www.herga.eu), Vino Kupljen (www.vino-kupljen.com), Krainz (www.luttenberger.eu), Vinarstvo Čurin Stanko (www.curin-temnar.si)