Dolce Vita Magazine - The 3rd BDay Party 2012

by milan stojicevic (text & photo)

Where: Ljubljana castle, Slovenia

When: 25. September 2012

What: Dolce Vita Magazine - The 3rd BDay Party 2012

Tomaz Srsen is Slovenian wine and food lover. He is the man behind Dolce Vita magazine - a life style magazine with focus on wine, food and other pleasures in life. The party was filled with wine and food. Some of the top Slovenian chefs prepared exquisite food, a real threat. There was also a selection of winemakers / wines expected for the pleasure seekers magazine bday party.


    • Pinot Noir 2010, 12,5%, dry, Sanctum

    • Angel Grand Cuvee 2007, 14,5%, dry, Batič

    • Sauvignon Blanc V 2007, 14,5%, dry, Dveripax

List of winemakers / wines: sparkling wines Deutz in Gosset, Bellavista from Contadi Castaldi from Franciacorte (imported by Koželj), sparkiling wine Ferrari (imported by Evino), Movia, Marjan Simčič, Edi Simčič, Batič, Ščurek, Mlečnik, Joannes Protner Wines, Sanctum, Dveri Pax, Kupljen, Dario Princic

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