Guilty Pleasure Blog 9. Belgrade Wine Salon In Vino 2012

9. Belgrade Wine Salon In Vino 2012 (Hotel Hyatt Regency, Beograd, Serbia, 21.-22 december 2012)

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Wine Could be Treated as Business Too

Beograd is known as the place where knowledge was and it’s thankfully still very important in all levels of life. So it is no wonder that wine lovers in Serbia know what is good. A lot of wineries become in past years in to the high level of quality, starting from vineyards to wine production in the cellar. It was my first visit of Belgrade Wine Salon and I was told that it is one the most important wine event in the city. However, this year exhibitors felt significant decline in guests, but on the other hand guests enjoyed tasting really TOP wines and had a chance to talk with wine producers or their representatives. I also liked very much horizontal & vertical tastings hosted by wine connoisseur Slavomir Ćirović (by the way, it’s really hard to find quality wine workshops in wine festivals/salons/fairs and those were the TOP - I'm not exaggerating).

Some facts: 500 wines, 83 wine makers, from 11 countries (8 from Slovenia), 42 wine tastings; my TOP winery was - VINO BUDIMIR (


    • Petka 2007, late harvest, 14%, Vinarija Jelić, Serbia

    • Vera Tamjanika 2008, 13,2% Vino Budimir, Serbia

    • Riesling 2011, Vinarija Kiš, Serbia

    • Fabella Chardonnay 2012, 13,3%, Pusula, Serbia

    • Princip Traminer 2011, 12%, Molovin, Serbia

On the show were also Slovenian wine makers: Kmetija Kocijančič Zanut, Batič, Dornberg, Edi Simnčič, Klet Goriška Brda, Marjan Simčič, Ščurek, Vila Platana.