Young Blauer Portugieser 2011

Autumn 2011 in Bela Krajina

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photos)

Where: Metlika, Bela Krajina, Posavje wine region, Slovenia

When: 15. October 2011

What: Mlada Portugalka Tasting

Mlada Portugalka - Young Blauer Portugieser is a special wine event in Metlika, because it’s the first wine of the current wine year you can taste. We tasted 13 wine samples of Portugieser from 13 wine growes. The most likable Portugieser selected by visitors was from grower Martin Pečarič.

My TOP Young Blauer Portugieser 2011

    • vinska klet Metlika

    • družina Rus

    • vinska klet Prus

We tasted Young Blauer Portugieser 2011 from:

    • družina Legan-Janžekovič

    • vinogradništvo Hoznar

    • vinska klet Prus

    • vinogradništvo Stariha

    • družina Rus

    • družina Stopar

    • vinska klet Metlika

    • vinogradništvo družina Mavretič

    • vinogradništvo Plut

    • vinogradništvo Turk

    • grajska klet Šturm

    • vinogradništvo Martin Pečarič


Blauer Portugieser is of a light, slightly “meaty” ruby-red colour, mild, with low alcohol content and acidity; it ages quickly. Its rarely on offer as a varietals’ wine, although the young wine is quite pleasant, albeit unprepossessing; usually it is blended with other, more aromatic wines, for example, to form delightful rosé wines and, of course, Cvicek.