4th Vitovska & morje (sea) festival

Vitovska - more than just wine

by stasa cafuta (text & photo)

Where: Zidarich vinery & Devin castle

When: 18. June 2010

What: 23 vineries from Italian & Slovenian Karst (Primorska wine region – West Slovenia)

I have to admit, I do not know much about Vitovska wine. However, if you will look on the web site, you will not find much information’s about this grape variety in English language, unfortunately. All I know, Vitovska is a peculiar grape variety indigenous to Carso-Kras region. The wine is usually of straw-yellow color. The nose is Mediterranean, with nice interaction between floral-herbal, sage and notes of wet clay and salt, with a touch of citrus. In the mouth is dry, medium-body, energetic, with crystal clear acidic backbone and playful minerals with a nice aftertaste.

That day I tasted arround 25 samples, 10 of them were vintages from 2005 to 1990. Yes, Vitovska can also live long!

I have to give preference to “old” vintages, which were really fresh and full of energy.

Here are my TOP 6 Vitovska:

    1. Vitovska 2002, Milič Andrej

    2. Vitovska 1996, Zidarich

    3. Vitovska 1994, Lupinc

    4. Vitovska 1997, Colja Joško

    5. Vitovska 1994, Kante

    6. Vitovska 2004, Čotar

At the Devin Castle (close to Trieste, Italy) we tasted wines from: Bajta - Andrej Skerlj, Andrej Bole, Jožko Colja, Nataša Černic (Castello di Rubbia), Vasja in Branko Čotar (Gorjansko, Komen), Giusto Fabiani, Andrej Ferfoglia, Igor Grgič, Edi Kante, Rado Kocjančič, Boris Lisjak (Dutovlje), Matej Lupinc, Andrej Milič, Stanko Milič, Aleksij Ostrouška, Parovel Vigneti e Oliveti, Roberto Šavron, Kristina in Matej Škerlj, Sandi in Boris Škerk, Vina Štoka (Krajna vas, Dutovlje), Vina Kras (Sežana), Paolo Vodopivec and Benjamin Zidarich.

More: www.mareevitovska.eu