4th Salon Traminec 2013

The Biggest Traminer MultiCulti Event in Slovenia

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Negova Castle, Slovenia

When: 26. August, 2013

What: Salon Traminec (Festival of Traminer)

Salon Traminec become so popular that this year attract over 1500 lovers of this aromatic wine. We were able to taste 111 traminer from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, Alsace (France), Croatia and Italy. The wines that I tasted were very much by the book; look, smell, taste. all were there.. From dry, off dry, sweet, sparkling, cuvee and archive wines. It was a pity that due to so crouded venue I was not able to taste all of them. I wish Salon Traminec would open its door for wine tasters 2 hours before grand opening ... For the next year organizers announced that they will sale limited number of tickets, so the event will be again wine tasting friendly.


    • Traminec 2012, dry, 13%, Planjšek Franci, Štajerska Slovenija Wine District, Wine Region Podravje, Slovenia (serious but gentle)

    • Gelber Traminer 2012, offdry, 13.3%, Weingut Gasthof Palz, Süd-Oststeiermark, Austria (pleasant and mouthful)

    • Steyer Mark cuvee 2010, 13%, Steyer, Štajerska Slovenija Wine District, Wine Region Podravje, Slovenia (harmonious)

Next Salon Traminec will be on 25. August 2014.