Wine Universum - Slovenian Youth Wine Festival 2016

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Hotel Union, Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: 21 December 2016

What: Wine Universum - Slovenian Youth Wine Festival 2016

Wine Universum is dedicated to raising the culture of enjoying the wine among the younger population. About 70 young Winemakers mainly from Slovenia offered over 250 excellent wines to 1500 students, visitors of the festival. The project as it self shows how important is the education of responsible drinking and learning more about wine production in Slovenia. I noticed that young visitors were very open to listen about the winemaking. After this event I hope there is no fear for the future of the wine branch in Slovenia.


    • Rebula 2014, dry, Edi Simčič, Goriška Brda Wine District, Primorska Wine Region, Slovenia

    • Chardonnay 2015, dry, Bizjak, Vipavska dolina Wine District, Wine Region Primorska, Slovenia

    • Laški rizling 2015, dry, Vinska klet Munda, Štajerska Slovenija Wine District, Podravje Wine Region, Slovenia