Kupljen Wine Bank - The First Public Tasting 2011

Investment That Makes Sense

by milan stojicevic (text and photo)

Where: Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: 18th October 2011

What: Kupljen Wines Tasting from the 1st National Wine Bank

One of my fears regarding tasting of old, mature wines is quality of the wine. Are there going to be any faults? Colour and taste not to my liking? Not at this event. Kupljen Wines prepared an excellent tasting of wines from their 1st Wine Bank opened for the first time to general public. Hosted by Samo Kupljen and Robert Gorjak, event was ful of wine details, weather conditions from selected vintages, funny stories and very important to me an impeccable timing. All glasses poured on time!

They started with Pinot Blanc 1983. Very impressive wine. Still very fresh, without taste of old which, I don't like very much. It goes without saying. I enjoyed every wine from the list.

My TOP 3

    • Renski rizling (Rhine Riesling) 1993, dry

    • Sirius (Chardonnay) 1999, dry

    • Modri burgundec (Pinot Noir) 2003 Magnum, dry

more: www.vino-kupljen.com/en