10 Champions of Pullus Wines

Top 10 Winetastings - All Champions All Pullus

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photo)

Where: Ptujska klet – Wine cellar Ptuj; Ptuj, Slovenia

When: 27th September 2011

What: Tasting 10 Champions of Pullus Wines

Ptujska klet (Ptuj winery) who’s wine brand name is Pullus, invited journalists to taste 10 Champions – from both local and in foreign wine competitions. Lovely experience with oenologist Bojan Kobal and his colleagues who presented us their masterpieces made from grapes.


    • Nobl traminec (Traminer) 2005

    • Pullus laški rizling (Welschriesling sweet) 2008

    • Pullus sauvignon G 2010

We tasted:

Pullus laški rizling (Welschriesling, sweet) 2008, Best of Show - San Francisco International Wine Competition.

Pullus polsuha penina (off dry sparkling wine) 2005, Best of Show - Vinoforum.

Noblesse Sauvignon 2004; Nobl Traminec (Traminer) 2005; Nobl Sauvignon 2006; Pullus sauvignon G 2010 & Pullus penina (extra dry sparkling wine) 2005 - Vino Slovenija Gornja Radgona.

Pullus sauvignon 2007; Pullus G Sauvignon 2008 & Pullus rose penina (off dry sparkling wine) 2006 - Vino Ljubljana.


The Ptuj wine cellar is the oldest of its kind in Slovenia: its origins are traced back to the middle Ages. Its vaults store the oldest existing wine to be produced in Slovenia, dating from 1917. A few vintages from the four years of the Second World War and before are missing, while subsequent vintages are all present in the archives. A visit to the cellar is a memorable experience.

More: www.pullus.si