Guilty Pleasure Blog VinoCOM Zagreb 2023

What: 16. ZAGREB VINOCOM 2023 International Festival of Wine and Culinary Art

Text & Photo: Staša Bizjak, Milan Stojičević

Where: Hotel Esplanade, Zagreb, Croatia

When:  November  30 - December 3rd, 2023

The International Festival of Wine and Culinary Art is dedicated mostly to Croatian wines from all wine regions. This year it lasted for 4 day, the first 2 days were different wineries than the other 2 days. However we visited the second part of it. So we were able to taste “only” half of the wines that were represented. This year It catch my attention some of the veteran wineries with red matured wines with tasting notes who reminded me of the scent of the leather and dried leaves of tobacco. Whites that I liked were matured Sauvignon Blanc. I would like to thank prof. Ivan Dropuljić, the organizer of this amazing wine event for 16 years. Keep up the good work!

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