Guilty Pleasure Blog Tasting of Autochthonous Wines of the Karst

What: Tasting of autochthonous wines of the Karst - TERAN PTP and VITOVSKA GRGANJA

Text & Photo: Staša Bizjak

Where: Vinakras winery, Sežana, Slovenia

When: 11 August 2023

What was going on: Tasting of 2 autochthonous wines of the Karst - TERAN PTP and VITOVSKA GRGANJA, hosted by Valentin Bufolin, Sommelier of Slovenia 2022. The goal of the wine tasting was to explore what both wines can offer thru years - different styles from fresh to mature. Organizers wanted dispel the myth: “wines from karst are only simple and fresh one-year wines"

Teran, the symbol of the Karst. It is made from red vine grape  refošk. 

Vitovska grganja is an indigenous white vine variety from Slovenia, from the Kras (Karst). 

We tasted both wines from fresh and light all the way to those that are suitable for maturing / ageing.

My TOP 5

We tasted:


Vinakras, Vitovska Pet-Nat, 2021

Štoka, Vitovska, 2022 V

Vrabec, Vitovska, 2020 

Čotova klet, Vitovska, 2018 

Vinakras, Vitovska Prestige, 2019 

Vinakras, Vitovska La Marie, 2018 

CV - Colja vino, Vitovska Extrem, 2012


Štoka, Izbrani teran, 2022 

Vrabec, Izbrani teran, 2020 

Čotova klet, Izbrani teran, 2021 

Vinakras, Teran Prestige, 2019 

Vinakras, Izbrani teran La Marie, 2021 

CV - Colja vino, Izbrani teran Extrem, 2011

Short statistic 

Wine growing region Karst / Vinorodni okoliš Kras

Area: 58,751.61 ha

Area of vineyards: 629 ha

Number of wine producers: 767

Annual wine production: 1,122,830 L

Autochthonous varieties: Refošk, which produces Teran wine, and Vitovska grganja

Area of vineyards planted with Refošk: 1,273 ha (72.8%)

Area of vineyards planted with Vitovska grganja: 42 ha (5.2%)