Guilty Pleasure Blog Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend 2013

II. Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend 2013 (From 19 to 20 April);

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photo)

Wine Strategy still Burning Rubber

Very similar atmosphere - arty feeling comparing to last year’s first Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend. I think the Glyptotheque - the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sceinces is great place for starting spring presentation of wines. What I did like: opening ceremony was supported by the highest policy; Head of State Ivo Josipović, Minister of Tourism Darko Lorencin and Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandić. They are aware how important is the wine branch. I also liked the choice of food in the beautiful green garden with vintage chairs and coffee tables. What I did not like: winemakers were not on the show when the event started! Impression of the wines: a lot of good wines. I was focused on Croatians.

There were 100 wineries, mostly from Croatia, but also from Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Monte Negro, Italy, Spain, Austria, France and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


On the show were also TOP Slovenian wine makers:

Belica, Dveri Pax, Edi Simčič, Štekar, Kupljen, Marjan Simčič, Verus, Radgonske Gorice, Verus, Tilia, Valter Sirk, Vinakras, Vinska klet Metlika