Guilty Pleasure Blog Vinitaly 2014

Verona Vinitaly 2014, (from 6 to 9 April)

by masa vodusek (text and photo)

Another wine story in Verona

Once you have believed that you have tasted it all .... you still have the world. Vinitaly once again surprises with the vast dimensions of versatile tastes, regions, its islands, terroires, people, attentive wine producers and innovative technological and design approaches. This year Vinitaly was much about the internationalisation, organic and biodynamic production, enhancing the taste of the wine determined by its soil, careful and controlled production and last but not least fingerprint of individual wine maker coloured by the philosophy of individual winery in itself. The grand tastes of sparks on one hand and biological wines on the other, fresh intriguing methods have proven once again that positioning the taste of each vineyard in itself on the worldwide map will be an advantage to become and remain recognizable amongst the wine connoisseurs, wine lovers and consumers in general. This paradigm is as well relevant when determining the price levels of individual wines.

Vinitaly 2014 in numbers: 4,100 exhibitors on over 100,000 square meters and 140,000 visitors determined the status of the most dynamic and qualified landmark for business and cultural promotion worldwide.

Surprised by the tastes of wine varieties my personal amazement:


    • Toscana IGT Rosso – Guerrante 2004, dry, Agricola S. Martino a Cencione Di Renzo Marinai, Italy

    • Il Vero – Verginiano Pallagrello Bianco 2011, dry, Il Vero s.r.l., Portico di Casetra (CE) Italy

    • Biancolella, Ischia (DOC) 2013, dry, Casa D̕Ambra, Italy

    • Comitissa – Lorenzo Martini 2008, Brut Riserva, Italy

    • Ottoventi, level 8.20 Vino Spumante di Qualitá, Metodo Classico, Agricola Ottoventi, Italy

The next Vinitaly will be from Thursday 7th to Monday 13th April 2015.