Days of Poetry and Wine Ptuj 2014

Listening to Grand Poetry & Tasting Wines from Wine Altar

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Vrazov trg, DomKulture MuziKafe, Ptuj, Slovenia

When: 27. – 30 August 2014

What: 18th Days of Poetry and Wine

Where does poetry and wine meet? In Ptuj! in the medieval town with full of hidden squares little streets and red roofs. Poets from all over the world come every year in august on Vraz Square to MuziKafe where it is at 8.30 pm held Grand Poetry Reading. Guests in complete silence listening to poetry. What about the wine? Wine program was let by me - Staša Cafuta Trček, renowned vintners of the Štajerska wine-growing region will present their wines at the “wine altar” in Vraz Square. A particular emphasis werebe placed on the most recent vintage of the wines typical of Štajerska region. Throughout the festival, every evening from 19:00 onwards, guests indulge in wine tastings from the following cellars: P&F Jeruzalem Ormož, Ptuj Wine Cellar, Verus, Joannes Protner House, Gaube, Steyer, Kraner-Plateis, Conrad Fuerst & Soehne, Turčan, Hlebec. Special guests included Ščurek, a vintner from the region of Brdo, and STeraS wine cellar, a representative from Slovenian Istria.

Important parts of the wine program were Wicked tastings! let by Jože Rozman. While last year it was still a novelty of the poetry-wine season, serving as a warm-up for the central August events, this year it was already a tradition. Wicked Tastings have been held, without fail, every month since last August, featuring an invited literary guest and a vintner, engaging large audiences with witty conversation in the Muzikafe—events which never failed to impress. This tradition was continued over the first three days of the Days of Poetry and Wine Festival, held in smaller, more intimate spaces where the creativity of the vintner were complemented by poetry.


    • Šipon 2012, suho, 13 %, Conrad Fuerst & Soehne, Štajerska Slovenija Wine District, Podravje Wine Region, Slovenia (mineral, ripe in the mouth)

    • Refošk 2013, suho, 13 %, STeraS, Slovenska Istra Wine District, Primorska Wine Region, Slovenia (lively and very drinkable)

    • Rose 2013 (pinot noir, zweigelt), suho, 12,5 % Gaube, Štajerska Slovenija Wine District, Podravje Wine Region, Slovenia (refreshing)