Sauvignon Blanc South Africa 2019

10 Interesting Facts about South African Wines “No non-European country has a greater winemaking past than the Republic of South Africa. For hundreds of years after the first Dutch settlers arrived, the country has experienced both highs and lows, emerging as one of the biggest wine producers in the world.” Joseph Temple



topics: Western Cape perspective on climate change / “Cost = yield per ton” / Sauvignon Blanc from a consumer perspective / overview of Slovenian Sauvignon Blanc, complemented by an exclusive tasting of Slovenian Sauvignon Blanc wines / more:

Another positive thing down in Africa I noticed was that smoking rules are very unfriendly for smokers. You will not see or smell any smokers. They cannot smoke on the terrace outside, so zero passive smoking for non-smokers. Good thing!

I would like to give special thanks to:

  • Dr. Carin Coetzee, scientist / “I love wine. For me, wine is a combination of art and science, two of my favourite things." More:

  • Daniel Keulder, Nitida Wine Farm & Winemaker of the year 2019 / “As a winemaker I think it is very important to learn and ask advice from as many other winemakers as possible.”

  • more:

  • RJ Botha, Kleine Zalze Winery "Wine will not solve your problems, but neither will water or milk."

  • Pieter de Waal, Hermit on the Hill / "If you want something spontaneous, you have to organize it! Always bring along a bottle of wine." more:

No wonder cause South Africa is such a diverse country and they can produce everything. I do remember potato and squid taste and salad taste. So fresh! I also remember birds, especially quails. You will see and hear them while walking in vineyards or sitting in the terrace of the Winery Kleine Zalze (

Colorful landscape is unique – hilly land with vineyards and typical white colonial houses. Botanical parks. Extra friendly people.

Food was fresh. All what I ate has a taste. //I really feel uncomfortable in Europe when I see on the labels that our food is from 10.000 kilometers away and also because of that the food has no taste at all – food is too tired of traveling//.

What can you expect from South African Wines in general? You will have no chance to taste bad wines in SA!

  • Since 17th century wine making tradition

  • Picturesque views everywhere

  • Rainbow of tastes in wines

  • High quality wine tourism at the winery estates

  • Top wine tasting service

  • For Europeans very affordable prices / entry level bottle of wine will cost at restaurant the same as 3 glasses

  • When you will taste first wine (whenever you will be) you will seek for more

  • Entry level SA Sauvignon Blanc / young wines / are stronger on the nose than Europeans which are lighter / SA are definitely new world stile

  • Matured SA wines will never disappoint you either / full bodied and long lasting aftertaste

After what I will also remember South Africa?

Well, I was only around Cape Town “western cape” area.

Why I went there? Sauvignon Blanc South Africa (SBSA) is interest group who invite every year at their Technical Seminar somebody from different Sauvignon Blanc wine country. Dr. Carien Coetzee from SBSA invited me. What an honor. For my wine life experience. Here is my presentation I did for the event. (link)

Clear shy flower scent I noticed when entered Cape Town. Gosh, I love this! And the next thing that was in my mind was – how South African Sauvignon Blanc will smell …

by stasa bizjak (text & photo)

Sauvignon Blanc Technical Seminar at Allée Bleue, Franschhoek, South Africa on Wednesday 20 November 2019