Guilty Pleasure Blog Belgrade Wine & Dine 2013

Urban Wine Culture Festival

Belgrade Wine & Dine was organized for the first time in partnership with Mikser House (a multidisciplinary, multicultural platform that aims to affirm the cultural industry of the region and organize the largest regional festival of creativity) and Wine Jam (Urban Wine Culture Festival). Mikser House is located in Center of urban culture Sava Mala in old part of Beograd near Sava River. The result was a new approach to the presentation of the wine culture and approached a new audience in an unconventional and relaxed way. Its mission to raise the culture of wine drinking in young people has been achieved. More than 1500 people came to taste wine and to talk to the winemakers. All together 33 wineries; 1 from Slovenia - Jakončič; 5 from Croatia, the rest from Serbia. Another plus for exhibitors is lower price for participation (200 EUR for 2 days). Refreshing indeed!

My TOP wineries on the show: Belo Brdo and Matalj vinarija


  • Rhine Riesling 2011, dry, 12%, Radenković podrum 1854, Aleksandrovac, Serbia (so much riesling character in it)

  • Fume Blanc 2012, dry, 14%, Cilić, Jagodina, Serbia (one of the best representatives of Sauvignons in Serbia; keep an eye on 2012 vintage)

  • Chardonnay 2011 (white), dry, 14.5%, Belo Brdo, Vojvodina, Serbia (very precise oenologist touch)

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Kremen 2011, dry, 13.5%, Matalj Vinarija, Negotin, Serbia (you can drink it or keep it in a bottle for a few years)


Belgrade Wine & Dine 2013 (Mikser House, Belgrade, Serbia, 16-17 november 2013)

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photo)