Guilty Pleasure Blog LIWF 2013

Despite of LIWF getting smaller and less important I can fill a great expectation for 2014 with new plans, new ideas, new energy. As for me, I will be there.


    • Cabernet Sauvignin Reserve 2011, 13%, Shabo, Ukraine (precision clean fragrance)

    • Nebbiolo 2006, 13.8%, Breaux Vineyards, Virginia, USA (very noble, balanced tannins)

    • Brut Reserve Sparkling wine, 12%, Henners, England (competitive to champagnes)

    • Brut Tsimlyanskoe Sparkling wine, 12%, Don Valley, Rostov, Russia (mature sparkling wine, taste of tradition)

London International Wine Fair 2013 - LIWF (From 20 to 22 May)

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photo)

Great Expectations For the Next Year

This year London International Wine Fair – the last at ExCeL – was focused on promoting a new (old) location. “The show will return to Olympia next year as the London Wine Fair with a renewed focus on the UK market including dedicated sections for bulk and boutique wine importers,” announced organizers.

I attended LIWF for the last 4 years and I can say it was every year smaller and smaller. So no wonder organizers make a new direction. I could feel the renewed energy and optimism this year at 33 LIWF. Excitement was in the air.

I did like presentation of Russia, India, sparkling wines from England, Croatia, Romania, wines from Virginia (USA) and Brazil.

It is great to have a chance to taste the same countries/producers year after year and recognize their progress. As usual, there was plenty of tastings, events and seminars, and some very special masterclasses to look out for. For example at the Pop-Up Tasting there was an excellent presentation of English Sparkling Wines. They are getting better and better.

I was impressed to get to know wines from Ukraine, from Shabo wine company. Wines are very precised clean and direct. Later I find out that the winemaker is from Georgia who studied oenology also in France.

Another hot topic was “UK wine industry is in crisis” by The Wine Intelligence. They are aware that is it time to consider radical ideas, and look beyond the category for inspiration.