Guilty Pleasure Blog VinoCOM Zagreb 2012

Zagreb International festival of Wine and Culinary Art (Hotel Esplanade, from 30. November to 1. December 2012)

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photos)

Feel the CRO Wine Strategy in Action

Zagreb VinoCOM is an International Festival of Wine and Culinary art event. It is 7 years old and it’s the biggest and the most important wine event in Croatia. Together there were 255 exhibitors, mostly from Croatia and also 21 wineries from Slovenia. Organizers counted 8000 guests. The place itself (Hotel Esplanade) is perfect spot to represent the best what can winemakers are offering from their wineries.

The accompanying program have been held a number of highly topical workshops: Can Malvasia age gracefully by Sasha Špiranec who confirmed that this variety, which was aged in stainless steel or in the wood barrels, in both cases, can age nicely. Prof. Dr. Marin Berovič and prof. Dr. Giorgi Kvesitadze are in a workshop entitled Georgia, home of the vine and wine, presented wines from Georgia - aged in the traditional way and some Croatian wines, which were aged in the Georgian-European way. Very interesting was the workshop entitled, Do journalists have an impact on the quality of wine? The answer was affirmative.


    • Santa Lucija 2009 cuvee (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Teran), dry,14.7%, Kozlovič, Istria, Croatia

    • Karizma 2009 cuvee (Cabernet Sauvignon + Merlot), dry, 13%, Petrač, Vinogorje Zabok, Croatia

    • Škrlet 2011 selekcija, dry, 13.5%, Kosovec, Vinogorje Voloder Ivanič-Grad, Croatia

    • Malvazija 2011, dry, 13.6%, Ritoša, Istria, Croatia

    • Teran 2007, dry, 13.7%, Roxanich, Istria, Croatia

On the show were also Slovenian wine makers: Movia, Simčič Marjan, Ščurek, Vinag, Edi Simčič, Radgonske gorice, Tilia, Verus, Saksida, Erzetič, Vinakras, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož, Ptujska klet, Črnko, Keltis, Graben, KZ Krško, Istenič, Steyer, Joannes and Vipava 1894.