Guide to Slovenian Vineyards 2010

On the road - Words meet Wine (Najlepše vinske poti)

by stasa cafuta (text & photo)

Where: Ljubljana, Wine shop Movia

When: 30th September, 2010

What: Presentation of a new book called The most beautiful wine roads in Slovenia

Nature lovers, good wine and good food, walk along the beautiful Slovenian wine-growing districts. The authors - Primoz Plahuta & photographer Tomo Jeseničnik - will guide you in this tourist monograph on Slovenian wine-growing districts. Wines will take you from the Istria and Gorizia Karst Hills wind through the Vipava Valley and all of Styria (Štajerska) and Prekmurje green and after a number of other parts of the beautiful nature, rich culture & above all, good Slovenian wine. For complete harmony authors added their culinary suggestions and travel information.

p.s. Book is unfortunately only in Slovenian language. Authors should add some content in English!! But if you look at it closely, you can find some beautiful photos made by Tomo Jeseničnik. Of course, I expected from him more unusual photos (like photos made by Marijan Močivnik – my favourite wine photographer in Slovenia).